About S-court

S-court (Escort) is an integrated platform website that S-court Inc. manages.

About S-court points

They are virtual currency that can be used on online games or shops that are associated with S-court.
S-court points can be purchased with “S-court point cards,” “credit cards,” “DLsite points,” etc.
S-court points that have been purchased can be used on websites, online games, download shops, items shops, etc associated with S-court Inc.

About S-court point cards

S-court point cards are the cards that S-court Inc. provide, and have “prepaid codes” written on them to load S-court points.
S-court points get loaded when you type in the matrix type codes written on the back of the cards on “Enter S-point code” page.
Customers who are at the age under 18 may not be able to purchase them.

How to load (increase) S-court points.

At this moment, S-court points can be loaded by methods below.
  1. Loading by typing in the prepaid codes written on the back of “S-court point cards.”
  2. Loading by paying with credit cards.
  3. Loading by exchanging “DLsite points.”
  4. Loading by “BitCash EX.”
  5. Loading by “NetRideCash.”

Areas of S-court points coverage.

From July 14th 6pm on 2014, Areas of each load’s coverage change depending on where the points have been loaded.
S-court prepaid cards (sold for itself) S-court points
(They can be used for all services in S-court.)
Credit Card
BitCash EX
Exchanging DLsite points
Custom Maid Online Starter Pack
Attached Prepaid Code
S-court points dedicated to “Custom Maid Online.”
(Application points)
Custom Maid Online Bourgeois Pack
Attached Prepaid Code
Others, S-court points that are compensated/distributed for free.

About guest ID and official registration.

“Guest IDs,” “automatically issued IDs,” and “automatically issued accounts” address accounts that are issued from each game (Custom Maid Online, etc.), not via S-court website.
By using an automatically issued account, you can play the games immediately without registering your e-mail address.
You need to officially register to S-court using your e-mail address if you would like to contact us and/or need specific customer support, because we need to verify your identification and secure the means of contact.
Furthermore, you can register officially if you would like to load S-court points without using a S-court point card.

How to become a member

It is different depending on where your S-court account has been issued.
For details, please read the related items below.

How to cancel membership

You can cancel your membership from the cancellation form.
For details, please read the related items below.

About what happens to the remaining S-court points when you cancel your membership.

All remaining S-court points will be omitted if you cancel your membership (delete your account) from S-court.
The deleted accounts and lost points will not be recovered nevertheless, even if you contact us.

If you have forgotten your password

Go to the top page of S-court and click on “Forgot password?” from “LOGIN,”
put your ID (e-mail address), and click on “send temporary password.”

You are not able to use the temporary password if you lose your password when using a guest ID (automatically issued account.)
We will not be able to recover your account even if you contact us, since we are not able to verify your identification.
We strongly recommend you register officially, using your e-mail address.
Related features

About disclosing account information

At S-court, members are not able to browse information of other members.
IDs (e-mail addresses), payment information, purchase history, games played, etc. will not be disclosed to other members nor non-members.
*Please take caution when managing your ID (e-mail address) and password.

Can I make payment by credit card?

  1. Yes, but only VISA/ Master/ JCB are accepted.
  2. Some credit card company block the payment due to the security reason when you try to use on overseas website. Please contact the credit company.
  3. You may already exceeded the credit limit. Please check your credit limit.

You haven't received S-Court account registration confirmation mail.

Please check if the mail is in junk mail folder or trash bin, check if you entered correct email address and try to register again.
Sometimes receiving mail takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please don't try to register again while you wait.
If you still don't receive email from us, some mail can be deleted before going to junk mail folder or trash bin.
If you have Gmail, register " mail1 in your address book. It will be registered as white list and you'll receive mail from us.
Please try the same thing with other mail service. If you can specify domain, allow to receive @s-court.me.

You don't receive credit card payment confirmation.

Even if you don't receive payment confirmation mail, it won't affect the purchase of the products. If you purchased the product successfully, you'll be able to download it, please check download page.
The payment confirmation mail will be sent not from us but from the payment agency. It may take some time to receive the confirmation mail. Please check your junk mail folder again.
If you still don't receive the mail, to avoid the deletion as a junk mail, please register mail2 and mail3 in your address book, or set to allow easytrans.co.jp if you can specify a domain.
You will receive payment confirmation mail next time.

How to get to COM3D2 SHOP (DLC SHOP)

You can visit 「CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2」 and 「CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It's a Night Magic』 exclusive DLC shop only on the game.
Activate the game, and please open the shop either from the title screen or gear icon. Depending on the version, you may jump to the official page, but you'll find the link to the shop.
The link from this site is not prepared. DLC can be only downloaded once the game is activated.

When you want to contact us

*Please send any Inquiries through support form.
*Please contact the support service of each game if you would like to make inquiries about games.
*Please understand that we are not able to correspond to any phone calls.